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Shrangeh / ʃrængæ / (interrogative pronoun) / شرنقه

1. What kind is it? or what type is it?

2. Literal translation to “what color is it?” originating from the word “rang”
which is indo-persian and came into use with the increased visit of traders to Bahrain during the olden days.
The term “Shrangeh” is a Bahraini Arabic lingo used in the old souqs of Bahrain to enquire about the use or quality of a good or commodity. It is not used so often today, but if you are lucky you could probably still overhear it in conversations between merchants.

Our platform aims to gather Bahraini brands and entrepreneurs who sell and produce a wide variety of products allowing them higher market exposures and support them in reaching the recognition they deserve. We are advocates of Bahraini entrepreneurs, marketing “Made in Bahrain” products and simplifying logistics of products manufactured in the island kingdom.

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Our Aims

• Advocating Bahraini Entrepreneurship
• Keeping money in the local economy

• Nurturing a sense of community
• Job Creation

Frequently Asked Questions

Fill in your comments in the “Contact us” section on our Home Page or alternatively click on the social media icons and direct message us and you will be replied to at the earliest.

You can also reach out to us via Whatsapp on +97338777973
We are a curated marketplace that means we screen our vendors before allowing them to post, to ensure higher quality service. Although If you see a product, comment, or description on our website which you believe may violate our terms and conditions, please report it to info@shrangeh.com

This is a confidential process. Shrangeh will not inform any unwarranted party the details of the person who reported them.
For details on the terms and conditions kindly refer to the follow; terms and conditions
Shrangeh E-Commerce is committed to protecting your privacy. We implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information when you place an order or enter, submit, or access your personal information. We offer the use of a secure server. All supplied sensitive/credit information is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and then encrypted into our Payment gateway providers database only to be accessible by those authorized with special access rights to such systems and are required to keep the information confidential. After a transaction, your private information (credit cards, ID numbers, etc.) is never kept on file.

You can read our Privacy policy for more information on how we use your data
We have partnered with Wasel Delivery Company (a subsidiary of Al Moayed Contracting Group) for all our local deliveries.
Only registered users can track their orders through the customer dashboard under the “Orders” tab. You can refer to your order number and click on “view”. Your order details and status along with estimated time of delivery will be shown on the page.

As a guest, you will need to reach out to us via WhatsApp on +973 38777973 or via email on info@shrangeh.com and enquire on the status of your order.
We assume that customers would usually purchase items for themselves, so accordingly we consider your billing address to be the shipping address. Although we do have an option for the billing address to be different from the shipping address (you can do this by checking the box below the billing address asking if you will be shipping to a different address).
Our delivery services cover all towns/cities within the Kingdom of Bahrain. Currently, there is no option for international delivery although we will be introducing this in the future.
Our delivery schedule takes into consideration the “Processing Time” of items in your cart and it will allow you to choose the earliest date according to when your items will be made ready by the local business for delivery.
The processing time is the length of time the local business needs to get an order ready to be shipped. The processing time can vary from item to item. You can find the processing time for an item on the item’s listing page:

Click an item you are interested in on Shrangeh.com. and on the listing page, you will see:
o Ready to ship in: This shows the processing time for the item.
o Estimated delivery date: The date range when you can expect this order to arrive.
We deliver to most areas within Bahrain for BHD 1.500 only, there are certain areas which needs a little bit effort for us to deliver and our delivery charges may vary, please refer to the below table for the details.

Most areas - BHD 1.500
Jaw/Askar/Zallaq/Amwaj/Diyar - BHD 2.500
Durrat Al Bahrain - BHD 5.000
Shrangeh currently accepts payments through its payment gateway, we accept all debit/credit cards supported by Benefit, Visa and Mastercard network. Cash is not accepted.
If you do not receive your order OR it doesn't match the description in the listing on Shrangeh, please notify us via whatsapp on +973 38777973 or via email on info@shrangeh.com and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

Please refer to our Return and Refund policy for details
Yes, we have set in place a mechanism to ensure that all your orders reach at once for your convenience.
Once your logged in, you can visit your personal dashboard and select “Account Details” from the available options. You can change your password and other account information on this page.
Yes, you can permanently delete your account from Shrangeh with all its history. Please contact us via Whatsapp on +97338777973 or send us an email on info@shrangeh.com with your request and our support team will help you with the same. Permanently deleting your account with Shrangeh cannot be undone.
In case you have forgotten your password or would like to reset your password, please click here and follow the instructions.
Once your logged in, you can visit your personal dashboard and select “Account Details” from the available options. You can change your “Display Name”.
Note: this will be the name used when you give product reviews.
As a new local business, you can join us by clicking here or by clicking on the top right corner which says sign in and register by selecting “I am a local business”.

You will have the option to setup your shop on your own or can choose to go through our wizard shop setup.

Once you have setup a local business account, a member of our onboarding team will contact you for verification purposes and provide you access to selling on Shrangeh.
No subscription Fees, all local businesses can subscribe and list their products for FREE!
No, you do not need to worry about handling the logistics of delivery, Shrangeh covers all local business orders and arranges for the purchased goods to be delivered to the customers with the support of Wasel (our delivery partner)!
As a local business owner, you will benefit from the following:
• Front-end dashboard to control your online store.
• Review Reports (Sales by day, Top Selling, Top Earning)
• Export Statements
• Creation of Coupons for your own store
• Creation of staff Accounts to manage your online store.
• Customized Store front and unique URL (web address to your store only)
• Safe checkout for your customers (payment gateway)
• Deliveries managed by a reliable and well reputed logistics team.
Yes, you can have one account to sell and buy on Shrangeh. You will have two separate dashboards which you will need to change your view accordingly between being a buyer or a seller.
We are a curated marketplace that means we will review and approve your product listing to make sure all the necessary fields are populated before it is displayed to the public.
Type in a descriptive term in the search bar to start your search. For example: “Abaya” or “100% Silk” or if you know the name of the product in apparel; “CMF_013”, search results are ordered by how relevant the items are to what you search for. You can change the order of your search results with the Sort option above the search results.

You can also search for a local business by their name in the search bar. By Entering this web address (https://www.shrangeh.com/locals/shopname) in your browsers address bar it will also take you to your chosen shop. Replace “shopname” in the URL with actual shops name.
No, there is no need to register to be able to buy on Shrangeh. You can check-out as a guest, although you will not be able to see your order history or save your addresses for an easy checkout.
We believe in delivering a unique experience to our customers, our marketplace is curated that means we screen our vendors before allowing them to post, to ensure higher quality service.
Additionally, Shrangeh allows you to shop at multiple local businesses whilst charges a single delivery cost. We also try to schedule the deliveries to be made according to your preference!


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